Consumer Choice Tools
Consumer choices
  • We offer several tools to assist you in managing the types and overall amount of marketing messages you receive, whether delivered to your mailbox, email, or phone. We’re here to help!
  • DMAchoice
    DMAchoice reduces promotional mail offers from companies you don't have a business relationship with (also called "prospect mail"):
    •  If you wish to reduce the overall volume of prospect promotional mail offers received from common mailings, you may register for DMAchoice, along with a nominal processing fee.
      • · Online registration: $5 fee for 10-year registration period. Credit cards and PayPal accepted.
      • · Mail-in registration: $6 fee for 10-year registration period. Send check or money order payable to ANA (no cash, certified, or registered mail accepted):

        Consumer Preferences
        P.O. Box 900
        Cos Cob, CT 06807
    •  We offer this mail suppression service to assist people in managing their marketing preferences and provide this suppression file to interested, responsible companies to build consumer and brand trust. Companies may only use the list to remove names before mailing out to prospective customers.
    •  Please note that the ANA is not the source of names for marketing purposes.
    •  We expect that this name removal service will reduce the overall volume of prospect promotional offers received by about 80%.
    •  Limitations: This service will not eliminate all promotional mail. It does not apply to promotional mail from companies or organizations that you have purchased, subscribed or donated to within the past two years. It also does not apply to:
      • · unaddressed mail,
      • · small, local, independent retailers or restaurants; or
      • · political organizations.
    •  Additionally, we call on all marketers to review and follow the ANA industry standard guidelines, including honoring removal from future promotional mailings and providing source information upon your request.
  • Email Preference Service
    Reduce unsolicited commercial messages to your personal email account.
  • Telephone Preference Service
    People who reside in Pennsylvania or Wyoming may register their telephone numbers on the state-specific Pennsylvania and Wyoming Do Not Call Lists. The ANA is the official provider of these two state lists. Additionally, you may also register with the National Do Not Call Registry, which is managed by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Do Not Contact List for Caretakers
    For caretakers to register name removal on behalf of individuals they care for, serving our elderly and people with health-related challenges.
  • Deceased Do Not Contact List
    For family members to request removal of deceased individuals’ names. This is a permanent suppression file that is updated and sent monthly to participating companies.
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