DMAchoice is a mail preference service offered by the ANA.

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Enter your information below to create your new DMAchoice account to reduce promotional mail offers from companies or organizations you don’t have a business relationship with (also called prospect mail).You can enter up to five records for your household to capture different names and variations associated with your address.

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Processing of your opt-out request requires that we share the information you have entered with client organizations for the sole purpose of removing matching data from unsolicited marketing lists. As a nonprofit organization, we provide this suppression service to help consumers express their marketing preferences to interested companies and organizations. (This will not eliminate all promotional mail.)

Step 2: Payment and Pricing Information

Online registration: Click the payment button below to submit a $5 administrative fee for a 10-year registration period (credit cards and PayPal accepted).


You may also sign up for DMAchoice by mail. Fill out this form, print it, and submit it by mail (or send a written request) along with a $6 check or money order payable to the ANA for a 10-year registration period (no cash, certified, or registered mail accepted) to:

Consumer Preferences
P.O. Box 900
Cos Cob, CT 06807


You can also sign up for additional Consumer Choice services:
· Register the Deceased
· Register as a Caretaker
· Email Opt-Out Service
· Register for PA and WY Do Not Call Lists


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